Thursday, December 9, 2010


Here is the top-10 of my favourite november tracks (in no particular order):

  • Michael Franks - The Lady Wants To Know
  • Anquette - I Will Always Be There For You
  • Pacific! - From Lips Divine
  • Meanderthals - Bugges Room
  • Erik Satie - Trois Morceaus En Forme De Poire
  • Mike Oldfield - In High Places
  • David Lynch - Good Day Today
  • Petar Ugrin - Silhueta Nekdanjosti
  • John Cale - The Endless Plain Of Fortune
  • Pawel - Coke

If you know Russian you can read my commentaries here but even if you are an English-speaking dude you should also follow that link to listen those tracks online.

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