Friday, December 17, 2010


Here is the wonderful slo-mo house jam I've found in the latest Beats In Space podcast with Superpitcher. It's a Magazine Edit on "Render 2" by Cologne-based electronic-supercollective Cologne Tape.
Members of Cologne Tape include Ada, Axel Willner (The Field), Jorg Burger, Jens-Uwe Beyer (Popnoname), John Harten, Philipp Janzen (Von Spar), Daniel Ansorge and Battles' drummer John Stanie. As you see, this is truly an epic project and I bet that just the names of it creators make you wanna check it.
All of the five tracks on "Render" EP are worth listening but I'd recommend you to start with "Render 2 (Magazine Edit)", 'cause it's definetely one of the main slo-mo house anthems of the year. I just don't know how I've overlooked it?

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